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Town Square

This is the center of our beauty and barber community! Here you can learn what is currently going on within our professional network, what is new, and what is coming. There are also sub-tabs to take you to other areas such our Help page and Advertising Information page.

My Home

This is your main network page. This is where you can connect with other Beauty and Barber Network community members and keep them updated on what you are up to. Share with them photos, streamed videos, and comments. Use it to showcase the professional you.

There are seven main areas within the My Home area:

1. Profile - This is the information that other community members view about you. Share such things as your education, work experience, and links to social network sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

2. Comment Wall - Have something interesting to say or pass on to others in our community? Here you can post text, share pictures, or stream videos from sources such as YouTube.

3. Activities - Want to keep all members in our community up-to-date of your activities? From your latest job adventure, schooling, or other accomplishments, keep everyone in the loop.

4. Talent Wall - Have any special school, work, achievement, or industry pictures to share with other community members? All pictures you post go into The Gallery for all our community members to view. Maybe on of your pictures will make the Featured Awards List.

5. Town Meetings - View and weigh into discussions related to the industry and specialty fields here.

6. Connections - View the members of your built network here. See their comments, activities, and photos in a filtered environment. To use our network's Message Center to communicate privately with a community member, they must be setup as a connection (friend).

7. Community Center - Looking for more members to increase your network? This is the place.

Education Center

This is a blog area where featured members (experts) will keep you up to date on what is happening in the industry. Visit often to stay on top of the latest and greatest news related to the Beauty and Barber industry and to increase your knowledge.

The Gallery

This is the area where you can gain exposure by posting pictures of you best work to be viewed by all members of our community. Use The Gallery area to post, edit, or delete photos that demonstrate your talent.

Events Center

This is an area where you can find out about key events happening within the industry. Upcoming shows, seminars, or conventions can be found here.

Town Hall

This is where members can join in on discussions of what is going on in the industry as a whole or in their specific field. Post your questions or answer questions other members have posted. Have concerns of what is happening in the industry or knowledgeable on a particular subject? This is the place to discuss it! Within the Town Hall there are Interest Groups that you can join that are related to specific fields.

The Mall

This is our community's virtual shopping area where vendors have setup links to their online stores. Looking for products or services from salon goods to technology? This is the place to look.

Community Center

Looking for friends in the industry to motivate and encourage you or to make life-long professional connections? You can find them here.

Career Center

Need work, looking for someone to hire, looking to enhance you education, or considering a career path change? This is the place to look!

Swap Meet

This is the place where members can post Items for sale or trade, both new and used.

Message Center

This is the place to privately communicate with community members in your network (friends).

Help Center

This is the place to get detailed information on the different areas of our network and learn how they work.