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Add Advertising Posting UMPH Today!!

In our workbook, we give you advice and tips on how to develop winning classified ads and to write powerful follow-ups so you can develop a strong advertising campaign. These same classified ad tips can also be applied to auction sites like eBay or marketplaces like Amazon Marketplace to make your postings stand out from the competition

Who would benefit from this workbook?

1. Small and home-based businesses of all types on a tight budget looking to increase sales.
2. Anyone having something to sell on or offline from used cars to real estate, and everything in between.
3. Sellers on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon or other selling sites wanting to add "pop" to their listings.
4. Anyone wanting to drive heavy traffic to their website, social media sites,  or brick and mortar business.
5. People looking to increase their advertising knowledge.


 Become A Cosmedika USA Licensee!


Cosmedika USA, Inc. now makes PBSerum Cosmeceuticals available in the United States.  With head offices in Madrid-Spain, PBSerum Cosmeceuticals are present in over 33 countries worldwide, with millions of satisfied customers. PBSerum Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics with the efficacy of a drug without being a drug, which greatly increases their efficacy and guarantees visible and rapid results, from the very first application. All Cosmedika USA’s products contain unique active ingredients, developed over years of biotechnological research in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Cosmedika USA's goal is to educate both Skin Care and Health Care professionals on using PBSerum Cosmeceuticals on their clients and patients. Through our eLearning Academy (Cosmedika USA Training), we offer facial and body Certification Training Programs. These certifications allow you to purchase PBSerum Cosmeceuticals from Cosmedika USA, Inc. to use on your clients.

Visit our website today to learn more at cosmedikausatraining.com...

Raphaël Perrier


Raphaël Perrier, four time world hair champion, has simplified the art of hair cutting through his PI system.  To learn more about Raphaël Perrier visit www.raphaelperrier.com 

Coiffance Professionnel

Coiffance Professionnel embodies French Expertise in Salon Professional Hair Care for over 40 years. We have the most current Hair Care Ingredient Innovation and our Inspiration arises from today’s hottest Hair Styling Fashion Trends. Which has made Coiffance Professionnel Hair Care a highly recognized Essential Luxury Hair Care Brand in France and many different Countries Worldwide.  www.coiffance.com/en/